A Beautiful Life – A New York State of Mind

A few weeks ago I came to New York City in my quest for A Beautiful Life. For inspiration, for the journey and to explore the world around me. The energy of this city is electric. I can feel it pulsating in my body; a constant beat of activity, hustle and noise. I love people-watching and the diversity of people in New York. Everyone has their own unique style, be it street, high-fashion or hipster… and yet none of it really matters. This is New York! Here, you can be who you are and display your “uniqueness” proudly everyday. Wherever I go I look for the light (as seen in this picture). New York weather changes constantly but there is lots of sunlight. I think that’s why I am so attracted to working with natural semi-precious gemstones in my jewellery design. I look for the light, and I wear my light everyday… just like I wear my unique style.

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