A Beautiful Life – A New York State of Mind


A few weeks ago I came to New York City in my quest for A Beautiful Life. For inspiration, for the journey and to explore the world around me. The energy of this city is electric. I can feel it pulsating in my body; a constant beat of activity, hustle and noise. I love people-watching and the diversity of people in New York. Everyone has their own unique style, be it street, high-fashion or hipster… and yet none of it really matters. This is New York! Here, you can be who you are and display your “uniqueness” proudly everyday. Wherever I go I look for the light (as seen in this picture). New York weather changes constantly but there is lots of sunlight. I think that’s why I am so attracted to working with natural semi-precious gemstones in my jewellery design. I look for the light, and I wear my light everyday… just like I wear my unique style.


A Beautiful Life


A Beautiful Life is my personal blog about the beauty, creativity and inspiration I find in the world around me. What makes life beautiful? It is the simplicity of the everyday pleasures that bring us joy. To look outside the box and see the world from a different perspective. These are the things that make me think. Things that make me smile. Things that inspire me to create. Things that empower me to do and be better everyday. This is A Beautiful Life.


A Little Business Gem


A article featured in Australian National Press online and in The Advertiser, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun Herald. An insight into launching a new brand and using social media and marketing tools.