Product care


All Leah Kertesz Jewellery is handmade using natural semi-precious stones, and metals such as 92.5 Sterling silver and gold plated base metals. Sterling silver and gold plated jewellery will tarnish over time. With proper care, your precious metal will retain its beauty and lustre for many years to come.


When silver and gold are exposed to air and the atmosphere, it causes a chemical reaction that creates something called Silver Sulphate. This sulphur creates the darkening referred to as tarnishing. Silver is a metal that reacts to chemicals, whether it is the air, or chemicals touching it, so best to avoid them. The good thing is it’s easy to buff and clean silver. It doesn’t take much to polish up a ring with a polishing cloth. Just a couple of minutes and your silver jewellery will look new again.


Keep it Clean! We supply all customers with a Leah Kertesz jewellery pouches to protect your jewellery. In addition we recommend storing the larger necklace in a way that does not bend or compromise the wiring and if stored folded or bent the tiger tail wire is known to cerate and snap against the facet cut of the stones. We recommend storing your jewellery in a cool, dry place, preferably hung so that the wire or thread does not break.