Who is LK?

Leah Kertesz was raised in a family jewellery business that became an iconic success story which started with 1 store and grew to 140 Australia-wide. From a young age she worked in the business alongside her large family and remembers ticketing diamond rings around a boardroom table during school holidays.

After earning a Master’s Degree in Communications and Marketing and travelling the globe, Leah moved to Thailand in 2009. It was there that her creativity flourished, continually inspired by her surroundings, she spent many weekends cruising markets and designing statement necklaces. This was the start of her vision of jewellery for professional women.


Each piece is handcrafted and unique, using only semi-precious natural stones and Sterling silver. Leah’s Limited Edition Collection pieces are numbered, like artwork, and once sold out will not be replicated. Leah Kertesz designs embody a Euro Middle-Eastern aesthetic inspired by her multi-cultural heritage and global travels.

Welcome to the world of Leah Kertesz jewellery and Limited-Edition pieces that make a ‘statement’.